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Construction Details - Exterior Structures

EIFS Balloon Framing Intermediate Floor


Stucco Balloon Framing Intermediate Floor


Any Finish Balloon Framing Intermediate Floor


Any Finish Foundation


EIFS Foundation


 Stucco Foundation


Non - Aligned Roof Wall Connection


Roof Eve and Soffit


Any Finish Parapet


EIFS Parapet


Stucco Parapet


Roof Rafter at Ridge


Roof Rafter at Exterior Wall


Roof Truss at Exterior Wall


Single Story X Brace


Two Story X Brace


X Brace


Any Finish Window Head


EIFS Window Head


Stucco Window Head


Any Finish Window Jamb


EIFS Window Jamb


Stucco Window Jamb


Any Finish Window Sill


EIFS Window Sill


Stucco Window Sill