Education Resources

The Steel Framing Industry Association has established video-based educational programs designed to help members and others stay on top of the issues affecting the cold-formed steel industry. Course topics encompass a wide scope of technical, sales/marketing, and management issues, and target varying levels of experience to serve everyone from the construction professional just learning about cold-formed steel to the seasoned manager who wants to increase business planning effectiveness.

SFIA has three types of programs - general educational videos, code-compliance certification training videos, and programs listed as SFIA followed by a numerical designation (for example,SFIA 101).  The SFIA-numerical designated programs serve two purposes.  First is to provide general educational materials, and second to assist those seeking continuing education credits while expanding their knowledge of cold-formed steel.  The  SFIA-numerical designated programs have an associated PowerPoint-based presentation that can be obtained by interested and qualified users to present live seminars where participants can earn continuing education credits. 


SFIA has been granted “Provider” status from AIA, which means SFIA members now have the opportunity to deliver these sought after training programs.  Please contact Holly Mellinger at [email protected] if you are interested in presenting a live seminar for AIA credits.  Continuing education credits are not available by viewing any of the videos below but only through live presentations.

SFIA101-20: A Guide to High Performance Cold-Formed Steel Assemblies

SFIA102-20: Cold-Formed Steel and Mid-Rise Construction

SFIA103-20: Sustainability of Cold-Formed Steel (LEED v.4)

SFIA104-20 Equivalent "EQ" Cold-formed Steel Studs

SFIA105-20: Energy Codes and Cold-Formed Steel Structures

SFIA106-20: Specifying Cold-Formed Steel for Design and Construction Professionals

SFIA107-20: Design of Hybrid Systems with Cold-Formed Steel

SFIA108-20 Panelization for CFS Walls

SFIA109-20  A The Path to BIM: BIM for Beginners

The second set of video programs are designed for general viewing and are provided with a link that accesses the SFIA YouTube channel. 

FAQs for Cold-Formed Steel Specifiers and Designers

Wood Framing and Fire Risks in Mid-Rise Buildings: A Fire Service Professional’s View

The third set of videos are tools designed to assist manufacturers who are enrolled in the SFIA Code Compliance Certification Programs.

SFIA Overview from application to labels

SFIA Inspection Overview

SFIA Traceability Introduction

SFIA Verification of product dimensions and other physical characteristics