The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) is dedicated to expanding the market for cold-formed steel in construction through programs and initiatives that promote the use of cold-formed steel framing as a sustainable and cost-effective solution, advocate the development and acceptance of favorable code provisions, educate members with reliable data and other critical information that is essential to effective business planning, and create a positive environment for innovation.

Want to make the best building decisions? helps you with tips, ideas, and examples of how to use cold-formed steel to maximize the value, efficiency, and performance of your multi-family and non-residential project.

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SFIA Certified Contractors and Truss Fabricators: The experience, expertise and commitment to quality you're looking for.

SFIA Certification ensures the cold-formed steel contractor or truss fabricator you choose has experience, expertise, and a proven commitment to meeting the highest standards.




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  Look for the SFIA Label and Buy With Confidence!

Connector Products

Only products that have undergone independent, third-party inspections of materials, coating and manufacturing tolerances can bear the SFIA Certified Cold-Formed Steel Connector label - the only industry program to provide this level of confidence.  Look for SFIA Certified products from the following companies:


Steel Framing Products
Before the "Certified" label goes on, the stud and track manufactured by an SFIA member, you have the assurance that their products have passed physical tests for mechanical properties, coatings, and manufactured dimensions.  In addition, the SFIA program is unlike any other in the market because it has the oversight of industry peers, including suppliers/distributors, contractors, and manufacturers.  This, and the standard of quality set by the program, are reasons why it is the only Code Compliance Certification Program endorsed by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries.

Look for SFIA Certified stud and track from the following companies: