Stud Code Compliance Certification Program

To ensure the integrity of the certification, the program is administered by a recognizedindependent third party, Intertek, who periodically performs unannounced visits the member plants and audits individual products.  Both structural and nonstructural stud and track products are tested for their mechanical properties, coatings, dimensions, and labels.  Panels are also labeled under the program.
The SFIA program is unlike other certification programs because it has oversight from a group of industry peers composed of manufacturers and non-manufacturers and includes contractors and suppliers/distributors.  This, and the high standard of quality assurance provided by the program, make it the only code compliance certification program to be endorsed by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries. 

A complete list of companies and manufacturing facilities that produce SFIA-certified cold-formed steel stud and track is found on the Intertek web site.

Stud Code Compliance Certification Program
For Cold-Formed Steel Structural and Non-Structural Framing Members



Best Practices Guide for the SFIA Stud Manufacturing Compliance Program
As a partner with SFIA in the administration of the SFIA Code Compliance Certification Program, Intertek has worked with many manufacturers to address various issues of noncompliance with the Program Requirements. This document details the best practices and recommendations that have been the most successful. Implementation of these best practices is not mandatory, but highly encouraged in order to minimize the issues of noncompliance.