Certification Programs


New products. New materials. New building codes and standards. The speed of innovation and change has never been faster. Perhaps the only thing that’s stays the same is the builder’s responsibility to ensure that construction materials are code compliant and installed correctly.  The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) has developed several important programs that promote consistent quality in manufacturing and installation of cold-formed steel products; including a certification program of cold-formed steel structural and nonstructural studs, a certification program for cold-formed steel connectors that is the first of its kind, and certification programs for framing and truss contractors.  Continue below for general information on SFIA's certification programs or click an image below for information on a specific program.

The SFIA Code Compliance Certification Programs for framing members and connectors help lower the risks in today’s  construction industry by insuring that the steel framing products manufactured and sold by the SFIA membership meet the  applicable building codes. Theprograms focus on the requirements set forth by current requirements of the International   Building Code, as well as applicable provisions in the ASTM and AISI reference standards. The programs are centered on   the use of a recognized third‐party administer, Intertek, who periodically performs unannounced visits to member plants and  audits individual products.  Both structural and nonstructural stud and track products are tested for their mechanical  properties, coatings, dimensions, and labels. Official Certification Labels are issued for individual framing products as well  as  panel products to provide suppliers, contractors and building inspectors with the assurance that the products are code  compliant.  Likewise, the Contractor and Truss Fabricator programs identify contractors who have demonstrated a professional level of knowledge and experience with cold-formed steel framing and/or trusses.


The SFIA Stud Code Compliance Certification program is unique because it has oversight from a group of industry peers composed of manufacturers and non‐manufacturers and includes contractors and suppliers/distributors. This, and the high standard of quality assurance provided by the program, make it the only code compliance certification program to be endorsed by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries.


The SFIA Contractor Certification Program enables professional contractors and truss fabricators to distinguish themselves by demonstrating proficiency in cold-formed steel (CFS) framing. Certified SFIA contractors receive recognition for continuous improvement, education and training, and quality control systems – all of which are independently verified via a written test and rigorous observation of CFS installation techniques.

Stud Code Compliance Certification
Connector Code Compliance Certification
 Contractor & Truss Fabricators Certification