Certification for Professional Contractors and Truss Fabricators

Your Commitment to Excellence Has Our Full Support.

The SFIA Contractor Certification Program enables professional contractors and truss fabricators to distinguish themselves by demonstrating proficiency in cold-formed steel (CFS) framing. Certified SFIA contractors receive recognition for continuous improvement, education and training, and quality control systems – all of which are independently verified via a written test and rigorous observation of CFS installation techniques.

Certified contractors adhere to the SFIA Quality Management System and Code of Ethics, which ultimately lower costs and speeds approvals. They are provided with marketing resources and promotional support to increase their reach to design professionals, general contractors and owners looking for proven CFS expertise.  Click the box below to see who has already taken the steps to demonstrate their commitment to excellence by becoming a Certified Contractor or Truss Installer

A single certification is offered for truss fabricators, whereas two separate contractor certifications are available for nonstructural and structural expertise. Structural certification automatically includes nonstructural certification. Need more information? Click for Commonly Asked Questions or you can contact Holly Mellinger at [email protected] with specific questions. Otherwise, continue reading below for program details and the application process,

Eligibility - Steel Framing Industry Association members who are professional CFS contractors and truss fabricators are eligible to become certified. If you are not currently an SFIA member, we invite you to JOIN NOW to take advantage of this national program. Certified contractors (but not Truss fabricators) also must be members in good standing of the Association of the Walls and Ceilings Industry.  In addition, all applications must be approved by the SFIA Executive Director.

Process - Certification is a straightforward process designed to measure your CFS experience and expertise.  Certification is valid for one year from the date of enrollment, and can be extended on an annual basis.  The steps in the process include:

    1. Completing a program application and paying the program fees.
    2. Taking a comprehensive online exam.
    3. Providing safety and quality program documentation.
    4. Undergoing an on-site observation of your CFS skills and adherence to standards by a licensed engineer.

Benefits - SFIA-certified contractors and truss fabricators become part of a national referral program targeted to design professionals, CFS and component manufacturers, specifiers, general contractors, and owners. In addition, the SFIA provides marketing and promotional tools that can use to expand their reach and create lasting partnerships in the construction industry.

Ready to take the next step toward demonstrating a higher level of proficiency?  Click below for more details on the process and the Application materials.

Want more on the program and benefits?  Watch the short video below.