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LEED®ing with Cold-Formed Steel:  Cold-formed steel products manufactured by Steel Framing Industry Association members help your project quality for up to 9  points under LEED® v4 for BD+C.  This publication provides an overview of the credits available for cold-formed steel.

A more detailed explanation of the credits and points that apply to cold-formed steel are highlighted in the video presentation "Cold-Formed Steel and LEED" presented by Brandie Sebastian, Director of Life Cycle Assessment for the Steel Recycling Institute.

Resilient Cold-Formed Steel
:  Strong, noncombustible, ductile, recyclable, and durable.  Cold-formed steel framing meets society’s need for sustainable construction – and the worst the Mother Nature can bring to bear.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Cold-Formed Steel Framing EPDs are developed from a Life Cycle Assessment and can help designers earn credits under LEED v4.  This EPD represents cold-formed steel (CFS) studs and track made from hot-dip galvanized steel, produced and manufactured in U.S. and Canada. The steel in the studs and track is produced at a mix of steel mill types in the U.S. and Canada, which use both the BOF (basic oxygen furnace) and EAF (electric arc furnace) route for steelmaking.