Enrolling and maintaining certification is a four-step process

Step 1: Enroll by filling out the application and submitting appropriate fees

Applicants must complete an application form and submit the application fees to start the enrollment process, The application identifies a designated responsible individual and includes signed affidavits that the company will adhere to the SFIA Code of Ethics and has both a Safety and Qualtiy Assurance program in place. The same application is used for CFS Contractor Certification and for Truss Fabrication Certification.

Step 2: Take your online proficiency exam

Upon approval of an application and payment of enrollment fees, enrollees are then required to pass an online examination that tests knowledge of cold-formed steel products and installation practices. Only the designated responsible individual may take the structural, nonstructural or truss fabricator exam. SFIA will provide you with the instructions for accessing the exam after your application is approved and fees are received.

The certification exams require a strong working knowledge of cold-formed steel construction principles and techniques. The following are recommended reference materials to prepare:

 Step 3: Schedule your project observation

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the type of installation for which they are applying. This skill is documented by a sealed on-site observation report prepared by a licensed professional engineer in accordance with the appropriate category below.

Observation Protocol – Nonstructural ▸
Observation Protocol – Structural ▸
Observation Protocol – Truss Fabrication ▸

Step 4: Maintain your certification

All certifications must be renewed every two years. The designated responsible individual (DRI) at each certified site must confirm their status and obtain a new Letter of Observation within three months of the certification term. There is a 30-day grace period for renewal and exams.

One of the principles of the SFIA program is that Certified Contractors and Truss Fabricators are committed to continuous improvement. For this reason, all renewing companies must submit a record that documents a minimum of five hours in additional training in project management, installation or other educational courses that are pertinent to cold-formed steel framing and construction.  Continual education (CE) credits are not required for initial certification. 

Program fees

Fees can be paid by check payable to SFIA and mailed to 513 W. Broad Street, Suite 210, Falls Church, VA 22046, or online payments can be made online when filling out the Program Application.

Initial Certification Fees

Nonstructural Certification       $600
Additional Offices* (per office)  $200
Structural Certification (includes nonstructural certification) $750
Additional Offices* (per office) $300
Truss Fabricator Certification  $1,000
Additional Offices* (per office) $300

*For information about special pricing for multiple offices, or for a mixture of structural and nonstructural certifications, please contact us.

Recertification Fees (required every two years and will be billed by SFIA)

Nonstructural Only $395
Structural and Nonstructural $495
Truss Fabricators $495
Per Additional Office  $200