A company regularly engaged in the manufacture of cold-formed steel framing members. Must be majority owned, a subsidiary or affiliated entity of a company that has been actively manufacturing cold-formed steel framing members for at least one year, or acquired a company with managers who have at least one year of experience in manufacturing cold-formed steel framing.

There are 12 classes of SFIA membership, each with specific requirements that must be met. Article IV.1 of the SFIA Bylaws contains the following requirements for eligibility.

Mandatory:  Stud Code Compliance Certification Program
To ensure the integrity of certification, the program is administered by a recognized independent third party, Intertek, who periodically performs unannounced visits at the member plants and audits individual products.  Both structural and nonstructural stud and track products are tested for their mechanical properties, coatings, dimensions, and labels.  Panels and trusses are also labeled under the program but are not a certified assembly. 

Optional: Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-0224
Published by Intertek, Code Compliance Research Reports (CCRRs) demonstrate to building officials that your standard products meets the relevant codes. (CCRRs) can provide building officials with the information they need to approve the use of your building construction.

Optional ICC-ESR 4205 Report
Published by the ICC Evaluation Service, Evaluation reports from ICC Evaluation Service® are the most preferred resource used by code officials to verify that new and innovative building products comply with code requirements. The evaluation reports provide information about what code requirements or acceptance criteria were used to evaluate the product, how the product should be installed to meet the requirements, how to identify the product, and much more.

Annual costs 2024  
SFIA Annual Membership Dues $20,000 per facility (prorated quarterly)
Stud Code Compliance Certification Program $6,340 per facility (estimated and Administered by Intertek)
Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-0224 $ 1400 per Company
ICC-ESR 4205 Report
  • Report listing fee

$1666.66 per Company

  • Site Inspection

$2845 per facility

  • Self Assessment review

$395 per facility

 *$1000 credit available to Manufacturer companies that participate in the Quarterly Volume Survey.

 Manufacturer Application


For Membership or Compliance questions please reach out to Holly Mellinger