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Design of Hybrid Systems with Cold-Formed Steel  SFIA107

Although the structural frame of a building represents only 10 to 20 percent of the total construction cost, the choice of material for the frame can have dramatic consequences for subsequent processes. In some cases, the use of multiple materials – called hybrid construction – is desirable because it takes advantage of their unique performance characteristics. This also creates special conditions that the design professional must consider when developing designs for a hybrid system. This program identifies those special situations and provides guidance on how to deal with them.

Learning Units:               1
Credit Designations:       LU|HSW
Course Format:              Instructor-led face-to-face

Learning Objectives:    

1. Participants will explore the circumstances under which a hybrid design involving cold-formed steel might be desirable.
2. Participants will investigate the basic considerations when evaluating different materials and systems.

3. Participants will experience some of the structural design process associated with hybrid structures.

4. Participants will learn how several common conflicts associated with hybrid structures are dealt with.