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Cold-Formed Steel Framing Meets the Energy Code Challenge SFIA105

This program will illustrate how cold-formed steel framing meets the challenge of the current energy codes. Starting with a review of the current energy codes and ending with examples of cold-formed steel assemblies, this course will apply the intent of the codes to actual cold-formed steel framing. The course will also reveal how the individual components are integrated into a high performance system. Special emphasis will be made to underscore cold-formed steel’s role in the design of energy code compliant solutions..

Learning Units:               1
Credit Designations:       LU|HSW
Course Format:              Instructor-led face-to-face

Learning Objectives:    

1. Participants will explore the current status of the energy codes.
2. Participants will investigate how cold-formed steel framing relates to the prescriptive options that are in the code.

3. Participants will be able to explain how steel framed and continuous insulation meet the energy code thermal requirements.

4. Participants will be able to describe how the integration of other building components yield an efficient, code compliant system.